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Soyfoods in U.S. Retail 2014

Soyfoods 2014 Cover

Consumer interest in protein and in plant-based eating is at an all-time high in the U.S. – trends that one might assume are tailor-made for the nutritious and protein-rich soybean. However, soyfoods face a competitive marketplace of unprecedented complexity with emerging ingredient alternatives enjoying retail success.

Soyfoods in U.S. Retail, an incisive new report from Katahdin Ventures in cooperation with the Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) and powered by SPINS/IRI data, examines the current state of major soyfoods categories and maps the industry’s likely near-term trends.

Soyfoods in U.S. Retail contains:

  • Estimated 2013 sales of soymilk, meat alternatives, food bars, tofu, edamame and other major categories of products that include soy
  • Analysis of the competition in white (non-dairy) beverages, meat alternatives and other related sectors
  • An exclusive Confidence Meter of industry experts’ opinions on the strength of the sector
  • A showcase of key new soyfoods products
  • And more….

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