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Katahdin Ventures distills the best of industry data and expert analysis into actionable reports on the dynamic plant protein sector. Current products available to industry professionals include:

Soyfoods in U.S. Retail

Soyfoods in U.S. Retail (available in April, 2014) creates a comprehensive estimate of 2013 sales of major categories and subcategories of soyfoods products plus exclusive analysis of currnt and likely industry trends. The report includes a curated showcase of significant new products in the marketplace and an exclusive Confidence Meter of experts’ expectations of the year ahead.

Soyfoods in U.S. Foodservice

Soyfoods in U.S. Foodservice (available in August, 2014) will outline:

  • Primary soyfoods being employed in foodservice applications
  • Major restaurants and institutions using soyfoods
  • Sales estimate of previous 12 months
  • High-level SWOT analysis of soyfoods in the foodservice industry
  • Outline of significant new products and institutions in the space